How I met the Lord and almost lost my life married to a Mormon

Jun 28, 2020 | Testimony

i will make this quick . I want everyone to know Satan defeated himself through me , because in l977, I made the horrible mistake of marrying a Mormon. No one took the time to share with me, how demonic this cult is. Well, I can tell you, it is so demonic , in fact the ex tried to take me out. but, Glory to God, i arose the next day and this evil man eventually left me and our baby girl, when she was three years o ld. I begged him to come to the Lord, but he refused. He ended up being married 5 times and the last wife, allegedy drowned him in a hot tub. I say allegedly. anyway, if there is anyone out there contemplating joining this cult, be aware. You will either lose your life or your sanity. I almost lost both.. I know what I am talking about, I need to write a book about this, but due to the lateness in the hour we live in, this might be the quickest way to save one young woman or young man who is contemplating on marrying into this cult. and if and when you do join them, they will not let you out. Thankfully, I saw this was I was taking the lessons in the Mormon church and when I realized this is a cult, they contemplated a way to get rid of meALLEGEDLY. . I am assuming this is why I almost lost my life. But, Glory to God, God saved me, He showed me, THIS IS NOT OF HIM. The next week, this man left me and our daugther, so I raised her as a single Mom for 6 years and remarried a wonderful man who loved us both . I am now a widow who misses my husband so much. He made it to heaven. Glory to God. He was not a Mormon, He became a born again Christian man, graduated from A and M, down here in Texas. Got his MBA in finance. Was a wonderful husband and step daddy to my daughter, so to get this out, please do not marry a Mormon, check it out yourself..