Relationship restored

Nov 15, 2021 | Testimony

I praise God that He opened the door which had previously been closed for over 15 years, so that my sister and I could be reunited in love. I had reached out many times to try to heal our relationship. Yet my sister refused to speak with me or return calls, cards, emails. As I waited on the Lord and prayered, as the prayer calls against jezebel and other entities have progressed, I was led to travel to Ohio, contact her, and she allowed me to visit with much joy, lovingkindness and reunion of family ties. I blessed her as I left and even God showed me two angelic beings one on each side of me, rush to her side as I blessed her in Jesus name and said goodbye. I am rejoicing at the healing God has done in our relationship. I am sharing this healing testimony with many in my family also.