The miracle of a GOD

Aug 11, 2019 | Testimony

I was not suppose to live when I was born with a defective heart. If my mother were carrying me now they would have told her to abort me. I was told by my cardiologist that prayervhas rot me alive and continues to.
I have been used behind the scenes to do the LORDS work. I have been attacked for the call on my life. I was called to prayer on 8/4/09 at 1:05 pm while in the Cannon House in Washington DC. The prayer was to return the leaders and WH to HIS glory and honor they would bring us back aligned with HIS will back to HIS straight and narrow path to our LORDS righteousness. I had no idea when I went there for our sons graduation from Marines Intel school our LORD was going to use me that way. When I woke that day I didn’t feel well because of my heart failure. But I heard the LORDS voice say go now. As I entered the Cannon Building I was called to prayer and began to march the halls of where Polosi and leaders offices were. I claimed the word in Joshua to tear down walls of Jericho. I prayed for three days as I walked that city wherever I went. I prayed over the capital & wherever the LORD called me too. On Sept 12, 2009 our CHRISTIAN brothers & sisters gathered in WASHINGTON DC & prayed they claimed WASHINGTON for GOD again. I was given this scripture same day I prayed in Cannon building, Psalm 43:1 vindicate me, O GOD, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked men.
I have always been a prayer WARRIOR since I was a child of age 12 yr. I have had to battle to stay alive even as a child. I was so sick because of my heart. I have seen the light because I have been so close to death many times. Our LORD GOD is amazing. I am at HIS throne daily. The word HE has given me today is .
Isaiah 14:24 The LORD ALMIGHTY has sworn,
“Surely as I have planned, so it will be and as I have proposed, so it will.
25 I will crush the Assyrian in my land; on my mountain I will trample him down.
His yoke will be taken from my people, and his burden removed from their shoulders. 26…
27 For the LORD ALMIGHTY has proposed, and who can thwart HIM?
HIS hand is stretched out and who can turn it back.
What our LORD GOD has put into motion can’t be stopped. I pray this encourages your walk that our LORD word is true and as in Heb 4:12 For the word of GOD is living and active. Sharper then any double edged sword…
I have sat down with leaders of our state and have been called to contact people of authority to report EVIL in my state. This is all the LORDS call on my life. I am so in awe of HIM and so privileged to serve HIM our loving FATHER in heaven. Be encouraged my beloved.
Susie ( A Prayer WARRIOR)