Warrior’s Heart

Jun 2, 2020 | Testimony

Realization of my heart’s limitless power derived from an all knowing entity is the beginning of an eternity amassed with creative avenues boundless as one ventures onward from conception, to birth, to a life, set within boundaries affixed to the era of time and geographical location. One acquires an understanding for the need to develop skills to survive along their quest of existence. Granted with a free will, one’s heart becomes the battleground of competitive entities seeking to lay claim to this Holy Ground. Endowed with certain legal rights by the One all knowing Creator of all things, God My Father, it’s my responsibility to protect the Holy Ground of the heart I’ve been given. Having spent six years in the United States Navy, I’ve learned some of the techniques of war. Being filled with the Holy Spirit 40 years ago while serving my sixth year in the Navy, illuminated my heart with the same power displayed on that first Easter morning a couple thousand years ago in a place called Jerusalem. The heart that was raised in the beaten, crucified body that morning was the greatest Warrior that has ever existed in all creation. Jesus Christ, my savior, who laid his life down for me, and all humanity that has ever existed since creation. And He’s coming back again. So, yes, I’m a Warrior and The Strike Force of Prayer is an avenue chosen at this time in my life to march onward in the light and to victory until my battle is finished, and I breathe my last breath in my physical flesh and blood body. Then like other veterans in God’s Army, I’ll take on my new body and spend eternity with my brothers and sisters, as a joint heir with Jesus.