You Tube Saved my Life

Oct 3, 2021 | Testimony

I recognize the hand of God in my whole life now looking back. I always believed in God but went thru the Spiritual enlightened phase for most of my adult life. ie. various forms of Paganism. I was addicted to porn for a short time after my divorce in 2005 and felt it was filthy and needed to be stopped! So I found You Tube. I have had many UFO experiences dating back to when I was 10 years old. I found a plethora of videos relating to the UFO phenomena on You Tube and watched every one with eager anticipation of finding out what they really were. After each video and being no closer to an answer I would Ask God to “reveal the truth of This to me” After two years of viewing vids and being no closer to an answer “Click Bait Tiltle” caught my eye. It said” Muslim man converts to Christianity” I thought to myself this ought to be Rich! so i proceeded to watch it. after seeing this mans testimony I feel to me knees knowing imidiatly “IT WAS TRUE” JESUS Was the only way! I cried for three days and was unable to function as I felt the presents of the Spirit on me. Thus sent me down the path of Discovering what God had in Store for my life.. Thank you for all you do!