Conservative & Christian Internet Resources

This resource is a “work In progress”.  There are many resources available on the Internet, and this is a campaign to help Conservatives and Christians move off of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other Leftist social media networks.  This list is not inclusive of all available resources.    If you have one you want to add to the list, please email Michael Ortega at[email protected].  The resource will be researched and then added, if it meets the criteria the resource is Christian-based and offers truthful news and is a place where Christian perspectives and posts will not be banned or shut down.  Thank you for your help in expanding this resource.




American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)

Focuses on constitutional and human rights law worldwide, taking a stand on what is right and good, filing briefs and petitions. 

American Family Association

Conservative News

American Family Radio

Radio Conservative News

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

Conservative Version of AARP

Breaking Israel News 

Conservative News

The Bread Report                            

Conservative and Independent Media News Sites

Chit Chat Me

Diamond and Silk’s version of Facebook.  This site is in Phase 2 Beta Testing currently.

Christian Seniors Association (CSA)

Coalition supporting legislation and other policies at the local, state, and national level to protect liberty and America’s Christian heritage. 

Citizens Sentinels Network

Conservative News


Unbiased, no tracking, private search engine.

Ron Edwards Experience

1pm-2pm Pacific

Patriot Talk Show


Conservative News

Judicial Watch – Tom Fitton

Fact-Based Investigative Reporting and Conservative News Because No One Is Above The Law

Firefox Mozilla

Private, trusted search engine protecting bookmarks and your data replacing Google.  This search engine does not track your searches.

One America News Network

Conservative News


Social Media Replacement for Facebook and Twitter

Praying Medic

Q ANON, Conservative News

Sara A. Carter Breaking News

Conservative News

The Bread Report

Conservative News

The Daily Signal

Conservative News

The White House

Conservative News

Conservative Social Media Replacement of Facebook & Twitter

WJ The Western Journal

Conservative News


Search Engine replacement for Google.  Unbiased, total privacy, and real-time data.