Boots on the Ground: Florida

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Florida residents are invited and encouraged to join one of our calls from the Carolinas below.


Focus: 2020 Vision

Leader: Glenda S.

Contact[email protected]

Call: 515-606-5166

Code: 273870#

Times: Monday – Friday weekdays; 9:00 AM (EST)


Focus: Jesus is Lord Over Florida 

Leader: Brigade Captain, Linda S.

Contact: [email protected]

Call:  605-475-4777

Code: 195471#

Time:  Every Tuesday Evening at 7:30 PM Eastern Time


Focus: Florida Maccabees

Leader: Deborah P.

Contact: [email protected]

339-207-6683 (No pin number required)

Time: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (Communion night) at 9:00 PM (Eastern)


Thank you for joining Strike Force of Prayer!