501.C.3  is bad law for the Church and any Christian Ministry, for it puts all that is meant to promote the Good News under the power and control of the government.  Yet it really has to do with the money and all things financial for it is a part of the I.R.S. Code.  If you want to control someone or some thing, it is always the purse that is the stumbling block!  But whom do we serve God or Mammon?  Didn’t Yeshua teach us what to do if you are called to serve(Mark 10/17-27)?  Are we blind and deaf that it is about the money and power of control?

The majority of churches and ministries and religious organizations are under the jurisdiction of the government so each is under the covenant with all the others under this law no matter who they worship or offer service to.  So all who are under 501.c.3 are on equal footing with the church of satan, planned parenthood, American atheists and Islamic organizations, etc. and so many other demonic organizations. No one has the power but the government.

Do you realize any church or ministry organization can be shut down if they disagree with administration in power.  The government has the power to take away all property and every donation given.  But it has never been done and now we have President Trump.  If Christians are in office  it won’t happen.  Well then do some research about Attorney John Ashcroft under G W Bush did to a Baptist Church.  It was an administration that was “partial to Christians”.

So what are we to do?  Ask the Holy Spirit what we are to do and how to proceed.  Otherwise all these good ministries are walking on egg shells about the future.  How can you be a watchman on the will when you are a part of what you are trying to warn others to be aware of?  Where is the power and authority of our pastors and preachers?  Where is the anointing of the Holy Spirit?  Could this law be the very reason a revival does not last long? Ponder the church since 1954.

Yes, we have all been duped, deceived and blinded for a long time and yes President Trump is giving a voice to the church, but the law is still on the books as the law of the land.  So what can we do? We have to get Congress to abolish this law or at least repeal it as well as any other rules and regulations of this demonic system.  Don’t forget it is a part of IRS code of laws.  Even though we may have a voice now the system still has the potential to win when we fall asleep or loose our will to fight to bring change to America!

Keep researching and voicing the Truth!  Ask the Holy Spirit what can I do to help.  Look to some sources like biblicallaw.com  and libertychurch.com/project

and share your findings.  Look into other areas like forming a trust and completely divorcing and separating from any government intrusion with the life of the church or ministry.  Read Mark Taylor’s book “The Trump Prophecies” pages193-216.  Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance for He will lead you into all Truth.

He will never let you down, I know because He is the only one I trust to us the Strike Force of Prayer to fulfill its Mission in the Army of God.  The Holy Spirit will always inspire you.  God bless!