The horse is made ready for the day of battle,

but the victory belongs to the Lord.”
Proverbs 21:31

Leadership Tools for Intercessors

Strike Force of Prayer is a community of spiritual warriors standing in the gap as Intercessors for America.  Our international brothers and sisters are standing in the gap for their respective countries.  We are that “horse made ready for battle.”  Intercessors must be the ‘spotless bride’, free of all legal access from the adversary.  Intercessors must have strong spiritual muscle, firmly anchored in God’s Spirit to withstand all turbulence, and call in God’s promises as prophetic warriors.  This is our purpose and vision for our Strike Force community.  This is the purpose of the tools that we provide.  Thank you for your dedication, focus and commitment!

Strike Force is offering this training and materials free of charge to all its members. Please consider making an offering in exchange for the 100s of hours spent in bringing these supports to you.


An Army of God working together and supporting one another on shared goals, strategies and purpose.


Providing teaching, tools and encouragement for others to walk in the fullness of their God destiny.


Committed to taking action and being an active member of the Army of God.